Glass Balustrades Gold Coast


Glass balustrades allow for the beauty of uninterrupted views while providing you with a protective barrier. They act as a stunning and functional addition to any home on the Gold Coast and can be supplied in a variety of styles.

Our team works with semi-frameless and frameless styles that can be fixed with differing hardware to suit your requirements. Whether you want a sleek timeless look, or you want to modernise your internal staircase, we offer the glass balustrading that will add value to your property.

We work to your specifications and will help design a balustrade that works with your décor. Our products are suited to both internal and external use and are made to all Australian safety standards. We guarantee our glass and hardware will last a lifetime and ensure your home never dates.

Turn heads with new glass balustrading from Gurus of Glass.

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Indoor frameless glass balustrades

Indoor frameless glass balustrades are perfect fixtures for staircases and balconies in your home to create a seamless, uninterrupted view.

For instance, frameless glass stair balustrades will give your home a liberating sense of space and unrestricted freedom, whilst ensuring safety.
Indoor frameless glass balustrades Gold Coast
Outdoor frameless glass balustrades Gold Coast

Outdoor frameless glass balustrades

Outdoor frameless glass balustrades add modern style living to your home without hindering your view - with sleek modern handrail solutions.

The clear glass will allow you to enjoy your surrounding landscape views without any obstruction.