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Make A Statement

Glass balustrades are the pinnacle of architectural design. Just ask the Gurus of Glass team! Backed by years of experience, we have seen first-hand how glass transforms indoor spaces. View our past work for reference. We supply and install glass products for clients across the Gold Coast and Brisbane, including Tallai, Sanctuary Cove, Broadbeach Waters, and Burleigh.

Glass balustrades maintain clean visual lines and, because they’re transparent, complement all styles of interior design. They stand out without appearing gaudy.

Made from tempered glass, our balustrades also serve a functional purpose. They can separate rooms in open-plan buildings like offices, and they are protective barriers for staircases, landings, and outdoor areas. Use these handrails to prevent falls.

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Stairs With Stainless Nano Rail — Pool Fencing in Benowa, QLD

The Visual Effects of Glass

Designs Tailored to Your Staircase

Update your home with glass stair balustrades that will illuminate the space and add elegance like no other furnishing. At Gurus of Glass, we custom design and manufacture all glass on the Gold Coast to meet your specific requirements.


We adhere to strict standards and regulations to ensure our customers’ safety and project compliance. All glass stair balustrades come with a mirror finish handrail of your choice!


Our team stays up to date with the latest trends so that we can bring customers fresh, individual, and innovative glass staircase designs that they’ll want to showcase in their homes.


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Elegant Wooden Stairs And Glass Balustrades
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Types Of Indoor Glass Balustrades

Design Options For Indoor Glass Balustrades

Your balustrade is more than just a safety feature; it expresses your personal style and enhances your indoor aesthetics. Consider these design possibilities for your balustrade:

  • Clear Glass: This classic, transparent option maximises light and maintains a clear view, making it perfect for minimalist interiors.
  • Tinted or Frosted Glass: These options add a layer of privacy while still maintaining the elegance of glass. Tinted glass can also add a modern touch, while frosted glass is ideal for enhancing privacy.
  • Custom-Etched Designs: With custom etching, you can incorporate a design of your choice. It can help you transform your glass balustrade into a work of art.
  • Material Choices for Fixtures and Fittings: The materials you select for your fixtures and fittings can dramatically change the overall look of your balustrade. Polished or brushed stainless steel, brass or even black matte finishes can be chosen to blend with your interior decor.
Modern House Design With Wood Handrail And Glass Balustrades
Wooden Staircase With Handrails — Pool Fencing in Benowa, QLD
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The Benefits of Glass Stair Balustrades

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Whether it’s a large or small area, glass can be cut to any size. You also get to choose the style and application of your new glass balustrades.

According to Australian standards, balustrades should not be less than 865mm high from the nosing of the stair treads and the floor surface of the ramp. Landings above 4m from the ground require additional balustrade requirements.

The costs of glass balustrades always depend on factors like size and design, so we can’t give a general answer regarding prices. Our prices are very competitive and we offer a price match promise for written quotes. Contact us today and request a free quote for your individual project.
Yes, at Gurus of Glass, we provide a 10-year warranty and issue a safety compliance (form 15) on completion of all glass balustrade installations. The 10-year warranty covers any faulty supplies or installation faults.
Our staircase balustrades are made from tempered safety glass to ensure they withstand everyday wear. This glass is similar to that used for car windows and shower screens.

Glass balustrades require regular cleaning to maintain their stunning appearance, but the process is simple and hassle-free. A glass cleaner and a soft cloth can easily handle most marks. For outdoor balustrades, a mild detergent solution can be used to combat stubborn grime or residue. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive tools that might scratch the glass surface.

Despite their sleek look, glass balustrades are incredibly robust and can stand the test of time. They are constructed from toughened safety glass and can withstand significant impact without compromising their aesthetic quality. With proper maintenance, your glass balustrades can retain their beauty and functionality for decades.

Absolutely! One of the greatest benefits of glass balustrades is their versatility. They can be combined seamlessly with a variety of materials, including stainless steel or timber. This opens up a world of design possibilities, allowing you to match your balustrade system with your existing interior decor or create a striking contrast.