Are Frameless Glass Balustrades Safe?

Frameless glass balustrades have become a modern alternative to wooden and metallic fencing structures. Many of our valued customers throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane choose our frameless glass balustrades for their superior protection and security, and for the great aesthetic appeal they provide. If you’re considering installing a frameless glass balustrade, it’s natural you might have concerns about its safety. You might wonder whether the glass used is really durable enough to withstand breakage and prevent injury. Our team has put together this handy blog to give you all the information you need to make the best choice for your home.

A Frameless Glass Stair Balustrade

Australian Standards

To install a balustrade or barrier, a number of rules need to be met. These concern the height of drop from the upper level, the material used for the balustrade, the spacing of the balustrade, and its height. There are also particular regulations considering the way the balustrade is secured, and how well it holds up against impact and weather.

The great news is that frameless glass barriers meeting these standards are perfectly safe to install either inside or outside your home. At Gurus of Glass, many of our clients ask us, “how high and thick should the glass be on a glass balustrade?”

Australian standards dictate indoor balustrades should measure more than 865mm high from the nosing of the stair treads and the ramp’s floor surface. Any landing higher than 4m from the ground needs to meet further requirements. Outdoor glass balustrades must meet a height of at least 1000mm, or at least 1200mm when installing a pool fence. If panels are higher than 1000mm from the floor, you also need to ensure a handrail is installed to maintain safety in the event of glass breakage. The glass used to manufacture frameless glass balustrades must be at least 10mm thick, and must be toughened safety glass.

At Gurus of Glass, we’re passionate about keeping our customers safe. That’s why all our balustrades are constructed to meet and even surpass the minimum safety requirements to ensure ultimate protection for you and your family.

Our indoor glass balustrades are made from tempered glass, which is up to five times stronger than regular glass and provides quality protection and durability. We use thick, strengthened glass on our outdoor balustrade, and fix them to your building with stainless-steel spigots to ensure perfect compliance with necessary regulations. And we don’t just focus on meeting regulations – we also work with you to ensure we deliver a product that aligns with your personal preferences, style and budget.

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