Glass balustrades for your modern home

An ever-popular choice for owners of contemporary homes are glass balustrades. They have also been used in commercial buildings and during home renovations. Glass balustrades have transformed many spaces giving hours of enjoyment. With glass balustrades you have the option of luxurious, uninterrupted, beautiful views with the impression of space and the beauty of light flowing through.

Installation Of Outdoor Glass Balustrade — Pool Fencing in Benowa, QLD

Visually Appealing

These beauties give your home a high-end modern look and add to its value. You can use glass balustrades to enjoy stunning views and create the semblance of extra space without giving up security and safety. It is essential, when choosing a glass balustrade system, to make careful choices in regards to durability, quality, and style. There is a high demand for prestigious glass balustrades, including segmented, semi-frame glass, and horizontal rail styles.


There are so many different styles and finishes to pick from. You can also use transparent partitions through the installation of frameless glass stair balustrades to really open up your home. This option is ideal when you have far-reaching city or coastal views as it really opens up entire spaces, giving the illusion of bringing the open feeling of the outside world into your home.


You can choose from many sleek designs that will mesh with the aesthetic of your home, adding indisputable sophistication and appeal. If you are a Feng Shui fan, you will love how our smooth design minimizes any interruptions in the structure of your home and lets in flowing light and much sought-after space. Your home will not only glow with modern style but will appear wider and more open while letting in a pure flow of light throughout your home.


Glass balustrades are preferably used for outdoor entertainment areas, balconies, porches, and verandas. In addition to being striking looking, glass balustrades offer fantastic protection from the wind without your view being sacrificed. They are a line of safety for when people are walking up to open spaces in your home or for your stairs.


Outdoor and indoor spaces are seamlessly integrated with the right glass balustrades. This subtle design feature is significant. They give your home an open space feeling with continuous views.


Stair balustrades are much more than safety barriers to protect you from falling. When a stair glass balustrade is designed well, it can separate the room from the staircase and can offer a break between landings, balconies, and various other edges. When using frameless glass balustrades, you can merge style and safety to make pieces that really stand out.

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