Frameless glass pool fencing – safety and style

If you have a swimming pool in your back garden, then it’s probably safe to assume that you are also interested in making sure that you keep everyone who lives in your home and visits it safe from any unforeseen accidents. Here at Gurus of Glass, we believe that one of the best, easiest, and most popular ways to create this safety is to use pool fencing to provide a barrier of protection between the water and any small children or pets that might be wandering around unattended. We can’t always have all eyes on all people at once! Many people are choosing frameless glass pool fencing on the Gold Coast. Here’s why:

Frameless Glass Fencing Of Pool — Pool Fencing in Benowa, QLD
  • The transparent nature of frameless glass pool fencing is obviously beneficial in the sense that you are able to keep a good eye on everything that is going on both in and around the pool. Views are unobstructed and there are no gaps in the panels that small animals and children would be able to squeeze through. It’s arguably the safest option currently available.
  • The transparency can benefit your garden from an aesthetic point of view too. You can enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden because clear glass does not obscure anything. This is a huge plus if you are somebody who takes huge pride in the design and landscaping of you garden and wants to sacrifice that as little as possible.
  • Glass pool fencing is very low maintenance in comparison to some other options on the market. Compared to wooden or metallic alternatives, it is the easiest to clean, with a glass cleaner or a simple soap and water wash being the best way to keep everything spotless.
  • Frameless glass fencing is aesthetically pleasing. It is a timeless style that looks good in any setting, working well with any materials around it.
  • Having the safety assurances of glass pool fencing in your garden can help to raise the value of your property overall, which I think we can all agree is never a bad thing!


If you like the sound of getting your own frameless glass pool fencing on the Gold Coast, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Talk to a member of our trained and experienced team about your pool and about what kind of fencing you are interested in, and they will be ready to provide recommendations and free quotes on a whole range of options.