QLD Pool Fencing And Safety Laws: Everything You Need To Know

Owning a pool is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to make sure that the pool is kept clean and in good condition, but you also need to ensure that it is safe for everyone who uses it. This includes making sure that your pool complies with QLD pool fencing and safety laws.

Failing to comply with QLD pool fencing and safety laws can result in hefty fines, so it’s not worth taking any risks.

Glass Pool Fence Of A Large Pool

What is considered a pool in QLD?

In Queensland, a pool isn’t just your typical in-ground swimming pool, it’s also considered to be:


This includes portable spas. You’ll need to take this into consideration when planning the build and installation of your spa, as development approval may be required. Make sure your spa is appropriately fenced . You’ll also need to register your spa with your local council to avoid being fined.

If you have an indoor spa, then pool safety laws still apply. Although, this doesn’t apply to a bathroom spa unless it is always kept filled with water at a depth of more than 300mm.

Indoor swimming pools

An indoor swimming pool in Queensland still needs to comply with the state’s pool and safety laws, despite being located inside a building. This means that they must have appropriate pool fencing.

Portable Swimming Pools

There is a vast array of inexpensive portable swimming pools now available on the market. But, what many don’t realise is that pool safety laws apply to these too! If your portable pool meets the below criteria, then you’re still expected to comply with safety laws:

  • More than 300mm of water can fit in your portable pool
  • The volume of your portable pool is more than 2,000 litres
  • Your portable pool has a filtration system

If any of these apply, then your pool will need to be registered. It will also need to be properly fenced with building approval and certification.

Property owner's responsibilities

If you own a property with a pool, then you hold most of the responsibility when it comes to pool and safety laws. Of course, your tenant will still need to make sure children can’t access the pool unsupervised. But, beyond that, it is up to the owner to ensure that:

The pool fence complies with the law

Owners of swimming pools have a responsibility to ensure their fences comply with all applicable laws, and to keep the fence in good condition. This includes repairing any damage and ensuring that it is in good working order.

Removing objects that may allow children access to the pool

If a child can use something to climb over the fence, it’s generally the property owner’s responsibility to remove it. This might be large stones, tree branches and furniture.

Complying with safety laws can be difficult, but it’s something that must be taken seriously. Failing to comply with QLD pool fencing and safety laws can result in hefty fines, or even worse; drowning accidents, so make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure your pool is safe and compliant. At Gurus of Glass on the Gold Coast, we are well-versed in QLD pool fencing and safety laws and have a full range of glass pool fencing for you to choose from including frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing. Visit our website or call us today to discuss your options.