Things To Keep In Mind When Building A Deck

When building a deck, there is a lot of planning involved to make sure nothing goes wrong and you get the quality addition to your home that you were expecting. There are also a lot of safety considerations you need to consider before embarking on this project. To ensure that you can create your dream deck safely and efficiently, read on for some of the things you need to keep in mind when building a deck.

Glass Balustrades In Deck

Below Deck

If you are working on improving an old deck or putting in a new one, you need to pay the most attention to what is going on beneath the surface. It’s all too easy to get caught up in designing pleasing aesthetics and imagining how the visible part of the deck will appear, but it’s the foundations that need the most attention. If you create the perfect deck but the supporting parts are insufficient, the whole thing will fall apart and not only be unusable but also a serious safety hazard.

Quality Balustrades

You need to make sure you have a good quality balustrade for safety reasons. This is especially potent if your deck is going to be raised. In fact, it is required that any decking which stands at least one metre from the ground will also need a railing of at least one metre. Anything lower than this doesn’t require a railing, but it may still be recommended. To make sure your decking is safe, it is important not only to comply with these rules but also to make sure that the balustrade you choose is of high quality.

Balustrade Materials

Some of the best balustrade materials include wrought iron and stainless steel, but for a more seamless look, we recommend glass. Balustrades can be manufactured using safety glass, which is specifically made to be durable and robust to keep your decking safe. As well as this, glass is less likely to be nicked or scratched and it is much easier to clean as it can simply be wiped down in a matter of seconds. It can allow more light in and open up your outdoor space so that your deck feels homely and welcoming.

Where To Get Quality Glass Baulstrades

Once you are decided on the safest and best option for your decking balustrades, you need to find the best place to buy them. If you are opting for glass to create a sturdy yet atmospheric decking space, you should head to Gurus of Glass and browse our selection of glass balustrades.

Designed to ensure you have a safe and secure area from which to enjoy uninterrupted views from your deck, our glass options are incredibly popular with homeowners. Our thick, strengthened glass means you can party all night long or watch stunning sunrises from the comfort of your own home safe in the knowledge that you are completely protected. So, make sure to order yours today!